I Am Not Your Immigrant: What The Invention of The Immigrant Reveals about US (Not Just The U.S.)

Last Updated: 14 July 2017

Edited by: Masi Noor, School of Psychology, Keele University, UK

Please direct correspondence to Masi Noor, Keele University, School of Psychology, Staffordshire, ST5 5BG, masi.noor1@gmail.com, or m.noor@keele.ac.uk
By the end of 2015, UNHCR estimated the number of immigrants to be 21 million (UNHCR, 2016). Such figures can exert various powerful impacts. They can trigger compassion or threat among societies that host immigrants. They can help political parties win or lose national elections. And ultimately, our reactions to these figures can reveal important insights about us and the kind of world we want to inhabit. In the present special issue, we have selected key articles from across SPSSI’s journals that investigate the construction, functions, and consequences of immigration. Through experimental and case studies, the authors skilfully assess an array of issues surrounding immigration, including the role of media in casting the image of the immigrant, how governments’ policies create a state of perpetual illegality for immigrants, and how increased threat of deportation puts immigrants at further health and crime risks. Other articles in this issue focus on the determinants of what helps immigrants identify with the host nation, why host group members desire to migrate following presidential elections, and how the notion of ‘nation of immigrants’ can promote or limit immigration. Given its multi-faceted nature, interdisciplinary perspectives are required to develop a comprehensive understanding of immigration. Consistent with an interdisciplinary approach and with SPSSI’s aims, it is hoped that research and scholarship of the kind presented here will influence key immigration policies to improve the lives of those in search for safety and home as well as to raise host society members’ awareness of the key issue underlying immigration.

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Noor, M. (2017). I Am Not Your Immigrant: What the invention of the immigrant reveals about us (Not just the U.S.).
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